HOT HORNS – “New Orleans” inspired Horn Band

HOT HORNS – “New Orleans” inspired Horn Band

Hot Horns – “New Orleans” inspired Horn Band is a vibrant, award winning, internationally acclaimed, professional touring ensemble. Hot Horns regularly travels the United States presenting concerts, interactive educational concerts and master-classes in concert halls, theatres, and at primary and secondary schools, and universities. Led by trumpeter, Glen Johnson, Hot Horns is the premiere educational ensemble of its kind. Unique to Hot Horns is its all-inclusive instrumentation and its burnin’ arrangements. Hot Horns incorporates its trademark combinations of various brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, all performed by six friendly, enthusiastic musicians with backgrounds in education. The group performs various genres of music from classical to jazz, rock to pop and more, thanks to the talents of various arrangers.


Hot Horns is launching into a new and exciting musical journey, forging an innovative, entertaining way to perform all music. Hot Horns is raising the bar to a superior level by performing brass quintet music ranging from “Bach to Rock” with the addition of non-traditional brass quintet instruments. Hot Horns ambition is to change “Sound” through instrumentation so the audience will have a unique and different from the normal aural experience, while preserving the quality, complexity, and excitement of all music.


Hot Horns is affiliated with many different Arts Councils from coast to coast. Hot Horns in keeping with the traditional brass quintet format, can now take the student / teacher educational interactive experience to a higher level. Hot Horns can now utilize and demonstrate to the student’s woodwind instruments and how they are used in conjunction with the brass instruments, and percussion. These new elements when joined together enable Hot Horns to extend their reach to additional students and expand their teaching capabilities through master classes and educational performances.


Hot Horns mission, is to preserve and perform to the highest level, all varieties of music ranging from “Bach to Rock.” Hot Horns professionalism, musicianship, technical virtuosity, entertainment, integrity, and education are unmatched and unchallenged. Hot Horns performances will leave you astonished and amazed, keeping Hot Horns a formidable force in the music world.


The ensemble was originally founded in 1995. Since that time, Hot Horns has toured all lower 48 states and has toured Korea (1999), received first prize at the New York Brass Conference – International Brass Quintet Competition (2003).


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