Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund

Started in 1951 with a $10,000 personal contribution from then-President James C. Petrillo in memory of his late son, the Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians is a charitable trust fund that provides financial aid to disabled members. This fund is not intended to replace health insurance or provide general loans, but does supply modest amounts of assistance to qualified applicants on an emergency basis.

The Trustees have complete discretion in determining eligibility and amount of the benefit, except that no benefits shall be paid to or on behalf of a person who is not physically or mentally disabled (as that term is defined by the Trustees) and who is not a member in good standing of the AFM.

Locals are asked to forward applications, Local recommendations and supportive medical documentation to the Office of the International Secretary-Treasurer for consideration. Members will receive only one benefit check in any calendar year. However, Local Secretaries may submit applications for assistance on behalf of members in subsequent years if needed.